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Mala Here [07 Oct 2002|07:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Well, a good place for me to start.

I'm Mala, from Salem Mass.

I left because, well because my ex-finacee is a fucking asswhole. *smiles*

Yeah so His mother talked him out of marrying me, she doesn't want a witch in the family. It doesn't matter that half the residents of Salem are practicing, but who the hell cares right?

I'm outta there. Just stopped in Sunnydale California. What an odd place. The goddess brought me here.

She's every where here, but there's so much dark as well. It's overwhelming.

I saw a shop The Magic Box today, i hope it's a quality store, not like "the cauldron" in salem, you'd think with that many witches living there.

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Ahem. [29 Jun 2002|11:11am]

[ mood | giggly ]

Look, the blue haired babe is posting!

Bow before me!!!

All lesser children will tremble in my perky presence!!


So I was sitting here talking with my boy toy Riley, when I realize that summer is missing something.

What is it you ask?
Well I'm glad you asked!!!

We need.. A PARTY!!!!

Another party that spans the realities like Buffy's did!!

I've decided to throw my own.
Tell your friends, tell your enemies!!!

When is it going to be?

Um.. I'm not sure. Next Saturday sounds good doesn't it? Maybe?


Oh the fun that can be had!!!

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Welcome Home [28 Apr 2002|11:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I am now connected to the Internet in this place. Nice white walls. I got myself a marker, though. The wall to my left is just big enough to house Willow's name written 1,356 times. I had to actually size the last "Rosenberg" so that it would fit.

Correctional center, is that so? I'm a seventeen year old genius, I can see I don't need correction. I'm glad I wasn't put directly in jail because of my age .. technically a minor here. What is the problem here? I'm fine. :)

Still keeping tabs via journal. It would have been quasi-cool if Willow was the one to get all hot, bothered and angry on my ass. Least she would have touched me. Once you touch, you never go back, baby.

More on this tomorrow.


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Peek-A-Boo [24 Apr 2002|06:21pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I know she's internally thinking, I can sense it. I'm not stupid. After all those Occult Study classes I took to keep an eye on Willow .. I know what kind of levels I'm working with. Her feet have been soaking in cold water for every fifty-five minutes to keep her concentration broken. There's a five minute 'breathing' period in-between. It's not like I'm a frickin psycho or anything.

Talks about killing me with cartoons. I think Willow needs a new selection of friends.

Or maybe just me.

Just me. That sounds nice. It will be just her and I...

No one ever used to play hide and seek with me when I was a child. I loved playing hide and seek. I love it even more now.

Willow can't ever hide, I always seek... and I always hide.


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I hate it I hate it I hate it! [24 Apr 2002|07:22am]

[ mood | worried ]

This is a side most people don't see...
But I'm worried.

I don't know Tara that well, but she always seemed like a very nice person.

Nice people don't deserve things like this.


Buffy's worried, trying to cover it up with her anger violence thing. She feels like she's helpless.

I can tell because of personal experience.

This isn't a happy story, I'm warning you now.

Back when I lived on the streets, when I was around..11.. I knew these nice kids once.. like around 7 and 8 years old.
Sweet, cute, innocent kids. They were always nice to me. Their family was always nice to me, even though I once tried to rob them blind with the group of kids I was hanging with.
After the failed attempt, even the gang (who were real bastards) left em alone and treated em with decency cause not only did they not turn us in, they fed us AND told us we could stay if we needed to. We didn't, but it was the principle ya know?

Then one day the kids were kidnapped. My powers had already kicked in, but I didn't tell any one, so I took off trying to find them on my own.

Weeks went by, but there wasn't word. Even the gang was worried.

I mean this was a great family...they didn't deserve it....

Then.. I was lurking around some warehouses downtown... I found them...

It was horrible. There wasn't.. I mean.. I still can't get the image out.. I have nightmares sometimes.
Just kids...

I was so upset... I started crying right there... and then THEY showed up.

The monsters that did it.

There were 3 of them. I can't remember what they looked like, except for their smiles. Those horrible ugly smiles.

I let loose for the first time. I tore them to shreds with my own spikes surrounding them from the floor. I made them hurt. I made them feel pain. I did it for hours.

They weren't smiling by the time I got through with them.

Yeah... It wasn't a happy tale, pretty dark ya know? But That's kind of what drives me to be a superhero when I can.

So no one hurts.

It doesn't always work.

Like now.

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Ye-haw! [23 Apr 2002|03:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Have you ever been to a carnival when you were little? You ride the rides, you eat the cotton candy, you play games... asking mommy if you can ride the pony, but she says 'no'. She fricken says no to an 8 year old who wants to ride a fricking pony. She takes you to see the clowns instead. "Get a balloon hat made, Kev!" she says. "I don't want one." I think back. I DON'T WANT A STUPID BALLOON HAT, MOTHER!!!

I never got to ride the pony.

But she...

I'll get.


I've got.

In her bed I watch her cry from the window. So hurt... like a little boy without his pony...

GIDDY UP PARTNER!!!!! We're going for a ride!


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I got in trouble last week. Lol. [22 Apr 2002|02:56am]

[ mood | worried ]

I took Tiana to a demon nest under Sunnydale and Sil caught us.. hee.. whoops!
My bad!
It was a blast.
Hell, even Sil had fun, she cast Dragu Slave and wiped them all out!!

And Jean-Claude was there. Funny, he didn't come with us when we got there.
I guess he wanted to flirt with Sil without Stealthy boy there.
They sooo hate each other!
It's funny!

But yeah, I was practically grounded the whole week to the hotel room, but it was cool. Great cable. But I did get to do some patrols and stuff.

I hear Tara is missing.. I'll check my footage I have of Kevin and see if anything turns up...

And lookie who has a journal!!
*gloms onto Riley*
Mine. And you can't have him!

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Ungrateful Bitch [22 Apr 2002|10:37pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

In case anyone else didn't notice, Willow personally uninvited me (though her journal) from her little "Red Cafe" get together. As if I wasn't going to be there. As if she'd be able to notice if I was. As if I didn't pay the manager off for hiring her just so I could make it a little easier on myself to watch her and make sure she's not getting into any trouble.

Fucking ungrateful.

She needs me. How obvious can it get?

I am her sun and the eclipse, it has been removed...


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Life In Sunnydale [20 Apr 2002|11:43am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Echoing the subject.. Life in Sunnydale is..

Life in Sunnydale is GREAT! Wow there are so many weirdos yet so many fun people, creatures, THINGS around here, granted, some of them want to eat you alive and screaming, but not all, I've met quite a few really COOL people around here!

My favourite so far has GOT to be Alli, you know? Allison Warren, wow she's the coolest, we cooked up some really devious plans for the nerds, they'll be sorry!

Amy Madison said that I could stay with her, HOW coooooool is that! I might take her up on her offer sometime soon, I know there aren't squirrels in my tree, but there are some other weirder, more hell mouth fitting creatures that love to make eerie experiences. They even scare ME, and that's a challenge.

I love Amy Madison, Willow and Tara, they're such great witchs, and since I'm not all that good yet, I kind of learn from them, now Willow got totally KICK ASS, until Tara ruined the party, but we won't get into that, I guess it was best for her... Amy on the other hand is still a bad ass Wiccan. Ahhhhhhh! It's be totally rockin' to get to stay with her, maybe she could teach me a thing or two.

Got to go now! Evil plans to scheme, muahaha!

OHH CHARMED IS ON and it's the old ones!

Ahn ~*x

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://Logged IN [15 Apr 2002|08:40pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

You'd never guess the cause of my disappearance. Than again, I'm not one to admit my plans. Not yet anyhow. Not yet. You're better off guessing. Okay, okay, you twisted my arm. Ow, ow, OW. I was fixing my logs for last week:

April 10th, 2002
Time: 7:20 - Kitchen Bar
With: Self
Wearing: Sushi Pajamas (note: hole on right leg at knee)
Action: Eating Cheerios (note: one tablespoon of sugar), reading Sunnydale Times (note: reread third paragraph three times before moving on)

Time: 8:32am - Occult Studies.
With: Tara
Wearing: Black and pruple sweater, long black skirt purchased back on May 15th.
Action: Making that gorgeous head of hers pulsate with education.

Time: 1pm - Starbucks
With: Amy
Wearing: Same
Action: Eating lunch - total cost $5.30 (note: approx. 3 pieces of food were spat as she spoke to Amy)

April 11th, 2002
Time: 12pm - Bedroom
With: Tara
Wearing: Nothing
Action: *grumble* I'd rather not say.

Time: 2:30pm - Bedroom
With: Tara
Wearing: Same
Action: Searching for peasant top to answer the door.

Time: 4:00pm - Frontroom
With: Tara, Faith, Miss Kitty
Wearing: Wrinkled peasant top and dirty pants from floor - needed to find clothing after *grumbles* to quickly answer door.
Action: Playing with Miss Kitty after thanking Faith approx. 24 times verbally and 3 times physically.

April 12th, 2002
Time: 9:30 - 1:30pm - Classes
With: Tara and Self
Wearing: Maroon silky-esque shirt, 3/4 length sleeves with an embosses golden, Western religious elephant (note: tag cut off and frayed at ends)
Action: Thinking of me and possibly writing "I love Kevin" over and over in small point, black and blue pens alternating each line.

Time: 1:56pm - Buffy Residence, front yard
With: Me from afar (note about self: forged military license = a plus)
Wearing: Same (note: coffee--double mocha latte--dripped on top right shoulder)
Action: Entering the front door (note: left foot always step before right onto stairs)

Time: 8:00pm - Bronze
With: Buffy, Tara, Xander, Anya, Terry, Buffy Bot, Faith, Cordelia, Amy, Spike, Dawn
Wearing: Black semi-goth gear
Action: None recording due to my own... action.

April 13th, 2002
Time: 8:24am - Bedroom
With: A sleeping lesbian
Wearing: Long t-shirt, Teddy Bear Picnic print
Action: Logging into LJ (note: new password *********) to report night of hot dancing and semi-humping lesbian girlfriend. (note: reread post approx. 12 times before submitting entry)

Time: 3:23pm - Kitchen
With: Buffy and Dawn
Wearing: Something of Tara's, not quite sure how to describe it.
Action: Still raving about hot dancing with friends and semi-humping lesbian girlfriend (note: notched a total of 4 "ew"s and 8 sighs from Dawn)

Time: 10:00pm - Bathroom
With: Self
Wearing: Reoccurring t-shirt with Teddy Bear Picnic print
Action: Brushing teeth - always clockwise, up and down, bottom left molars first moving on to top, etc. (note: spitting three times)

April 14th, 2002
Time: 11:45am - Dash Ave.
With: Me (if only she knew...)
Wearing: My lip quivers at the sight...
Action On way to submit applications to Starbucks and Red Cyber Cafe

That's as far as I had gotten. There was more important Willowbusiness to take care of. More on this tomorrow.


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Yay squirrel FREE new home!! [14 Apr 2002|08:44am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I got freakin' kicked out of my almost new place again! This is becoming an evil habit of the extra evil squrrels! I am not taking it anymore! So I came to Sunnydale... no squirrels would ever want to live here, where evil things come out of the shadows and eat little creatures! Muahaha!

I found a tree, I love my new tree. I finally finished moving all my stuff over here, with the help of no one because everyone sucks and are scared of fairies. I mean COME ON! What's up with that! I thought kids were meant to love fairies! I mean there have been SO many times I've got pissed because men call other men "Fairy" as an insult, as in "You are weak" hmm. Pfft! To that!

I am going now, I have things to sort out in my new tree.

Oh and on my way here, I saw this girl... I have suspicions about her! She's got wicked cool blue hair and she looks a bit like me... hmm. I'll do some research.

Ahn ~*x

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Not COOL! [11 Apr 2002|02:55am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I was being nice and having fun and playing about being my usual playful wicked fairy self and I come across this evil squirrel in a suit, I thought it was a human, but no... just a big squirrel in a SUIT! Damn it! It was convincing too! Although it did talk a little funny and smell bad..

So yeah there I am chatting away to my new friend Amy and this CREATURE! DOBY I think it called itself.. summons a big fat squirrel called Roger from hell, it looked and smelled like road kill, and it took me to hell with it! Grr!!!

Roger went to hell for stealing pizza... and then he was crossing the road scampering away from Pizza Hut and a truck came...

lets out an evil laugh

How terrible! Man! Tragedy.. freakin Doby!

Hell is not cool one bit, they don't even have TVs! Well ok, they do but all they ever show is freakin 'Satan Hates You - Praise Him' shows.


Lucky I have the power to update my journal without computer access, go me for being a magical wicked bad ass wiccan fairy!


Ahn ~*x

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The Real Me in You [09 Apr 2002|07:49pm]

[ mood | content ]

Enough with the "geek act" I put on in my first entry. I know Willow's compulsive. I knew if she found out that I had a journal she'd look right away, and probably not acknowledge it much after that. Yes, she is very much compulsive, indeed.

Let's meet again shall we? The name is Kevin. I attend UC Sunnydale. I am currently seeking my degree in something other than what my class schedule reflects. I set in motion for 'Rosenberg Studies', an in depth look at Craft in today's society, but was ultimately turned down by the dean. Can they not see what passion lies behind its epic tale? She would have been there; with bells on. Thus, I have opted for a few other classes that do not peek my interest. But who says the peel tastes better than the fruit? It doesn't. It's what's beyond the peel; the sweet flow of beauty, taste, and touch.

One day it will be her touch.


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Woo Hoo! [09 Apr 2002|06:16pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

An academy especially for smoosh heads like me!

YAY!!! By smoosh head I don't mean anything to do with drugs or sex, I am a good fairy when it comes to those.

Not that I don't have boyfriends, I have loads of boyfriends, I've dated Imps, Pixies.. even a troll once before, but he was only half troll so it wasn't as gross as it sounds.

So by this entry I reckon I gain full access to this crazy persons academy.

Rock on. First student too!

Ahn ~*x

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